The Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness

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Read all chapters

The Fifth Estate is proud to release The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness, a guide to best practice and green leasing.

It’s for the landlords and tenants of Australia from The Fifth Estate in collaboration with Sydney’s Better Buildings Partnership. To bring this book together our teams have tapped the best experts on all sides of the tenant and landlord fence, the people whose job it is to understand what’s less than ideal and how to fix it.

Why do we need this guide? Well, to put it politely, tenants and landlords haven’t always sung from the same songbook. From time immemorial they’ve come from opposite sides of the fence, with competing agendas and sometimes firey consequences. The results have been wasted energy, time, money, airconditioning that is too cold or too hot, fitouts that tenants must restore to their original condition at the end of the lease, only to be turfed out for the next tenant.

It’s no way to get ahead. Imagine if everyone works from the same page on Day 1.

The owner, the tenant, the employees, the building mangers and those who visit in the course of their business. In the end it’s about human relationships. The buildings are nothing more than tools to achieve our goals.

The best relationships are based on understanding, co-operation, shared goals and shared methods for getting there. Sometimes a bit of guidance… But the biggest, most important ingredient is a bit of heart. Maybe even a big pink heart!

Visit the Better Buildings Partnership.



4 Responses to “The Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness”

  • Great start for your book Fifth Estate – will look forward to the next chapters with great interest.

  • Ewan says:

    HI Tina,

    Well done on your ebooks, they provide the right balance of detail and depth without getting too technical.

    My only comment is that I can not down load the ebook, the link takes me to an online reader service. Am I missing something or is it only available through the online reader? If it is can I suggest you change to link text from ‘download’ to ‘read’.


    • Tina Perinotto says:

      Hi Looking into this as we speak!

      need to have that download button, I agree

      and thanks for the feedback,

      • Tina Perinotto says:

        OK, it’s feint, but to download click on the image, and then under the “share” button

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