Row boat storm

Issue 366: On rum for Christmas and a long overdue rebellion

We’re galloping towards another end of year and if you’re feeling all at sea instead of the racetrack it’s no surprise. This country’s politics has pitched us all onto the high seas in rocky boats, getting wilder than ever.

Eco village. Australia carob neutral

Australia can be 100 per cent renewable by 2030

Australia’s electricity grid could be entirely run by renewable energy by 2030, proving to be cheaper and less risky than building new coal-fired power stations, according to new research by the Alternative Technology Association.

CEFC announces massive $200m retail efficiency play

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s first major foray into the retail sector will see a massive $200 million invested into institutional fund manager QIC’s Global Real Estate flagship Shopping Centre Fund (QSCF).

Leeora Black ACCSR Deloitte

Leeora Black takes ACCSR to Deloitte

Leeora Black has taken her boutique team of consultants at the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) to Deloitte, giving one of the big four accountants its own specialists in the field.

nathers ratings house

Victoria could go it alone on better housing performance

The Victorian government could be preparing to go it alone on raising minimum residential energy efficiency requirements, according to its just-released Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy, revealed at this week’s National Energy Efficiency Conference.