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Graphene “game-changer” means stronger, greener concrete

University of Exeter researchers have found a way to incorporate wonder material graphene into the traditional concrete production process, a move they say could revolutionise the construction industry and lead to a much greener, stronger and durable product.

Our favourite cities – by four urban planners

Here, four urban planners name their favourite cities, and explain what makes them special.


Governments must wake up to the forces redefining global construction

Following is a transcript Western Sydney University Adjunct Professor David Chandler presented to the Australia-China Council on 17 April regarding what is needed to develop competitive advantages in the design and construction marketplace.

Has the world reached peak ecological footprint?

Humanity’s ecological footprint may have levelled off after decades of consistent increase, according to new data released last week by the Global Footprint Network.

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The battle for space on our roads

While all modes of road transport are important, in many areas a disproportionate amount of space and priority is being given to vehicle traffic, to the detriment of our cities.

Arid cities risk becoming uninhabitable unless we think smart

Water scarcity, extreme temperatures, urban heat islands and inadequate infrastructure threaten the viability of many of the world’s arid cities, according to a new report that argues their design needs a major rethink.

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Pedestrian death puts driverless car regulation under spotlight

Researchers have warned we must not lose sight of the life-saving potential of autonomous vehicles, following the death of a pedestrian who was hit by one of Uber’s driverless cars while crossing the road in Tempe, Arizona in the US.