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Universities are amazing places

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Strongbuild failure stirs industry appetite for prefab business

The failure of Strongbuild last week has already opened the door to new possibilities in the industry. Replacing the initial shock of the failure of the popular company is a sense of new opportunities for those missed the prefab boat a few years ago.

Eqo Leung

NZ architect brings Maori beliefs into new law school design

In the design of the new University of Waikato law school New Zealand architect Eqo Leung, who recently opened a new architectural practice called ArchitectureRepublic, decided to keep the building’s courtyard open.

Auckland city

NZ’s built environment isn’t as green as once thought

New Zealand green building leaders are calling for urgent action on building efficiency, following new analysis that has revealed the built environment is responsible for about 20 per cent of all national greenhouse gas emissions, a figure up to 10 times previous estimates.

prefabNZ crowdshot

Australia can learn from NZ’s push for better housing

Australia is importing an increasing amount of northern hemisphere pre-manufacture technology and materials these days. The subject should be getting much more political interest than it is.