The Americas

What we can learn about community resilience

Communities in Australia and California share connected experiences as they face climate-related threats, especially fire.  Different continents, connected climates, same challenges. Here are view from two people who had close…

Bottle caps launch a green bond

Consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble has invented a process for recycling the polypropylene caps into near virgin-quality reusable plastic.

Michael Bloomberg energy

Michael Bloomberg launching new clean energy campaign 

Michael Bloomberg has decided not to run for president at the next US election, he says because he believes his energies are better spent pushing for the clean-energy transition outside government. 

On Strongbuild and prefab pioneering

On Strongbuild and prefab pioneering

NEWS FROM THE FRONT DESK ISSUE NO 413–  UPDATED 9.28 PM: The prefab industry is strong despite Strongbuild falling into voluntary administration. But the industry has big challenges.

amazon boxes

Amazon dips toes into prefab construction

Amazon is making a play for the prefabricated construction and smart home markets, investing in a California startup that makes prefab homes.

How cities can leverage smart data to boost building efficiency

A free toolkit has been published to help local governments, utilities and other building industry players replicate the success of some US cities in leveraging smart data to make buildings more efficient and pleasant for occupants.