Victoria’s new SV – Solar Victoria – off to a big start

Victoria’s new SV – Solar Victoria – off to a big start

While northern Queensland bites its nails worrying about what possible jobs could replace coal, in Victoria, the Andrews government is pushing full steam ahead with solar for residential consumers and igniting a whole lot of businesses at the same time.

City of Melbourne gunning for car-lite CBD

Pedestrians and cyclists are the clear winners of the City of Melbourne’s draft transport strategy, which will be presented to councillors next week.

Melbourne to get a sustainable farm in the sky

A collaboration between business and not-for-profit organisations is set to deliver an innovative rooftop urban farm and sustainability education hub in the heart of Melbourne.

Victorian government backs recyclable road projects

Australia is on the road to a more sustainable heavy construction materials industry, with the Victorian government handing out grants worth over $1.5 million this year for innovative road surface projects.