Here at The Fifth Estate we’re finally ready to release our first podcast series!

Managing editor Tina Perinotto has taken to the mic to chat to the people on the front line with the power to address the big ecological, social and financial problems of our time.

We’ve called it “How to Build a Better World” because we want it to be about creating a future all humans can be proud of. Expect to hear from the powerhouses, the up-and-comers and the agitators who are driving change in the built environment, business and beyond.

Listen to our first series here.

Tim Hollo on why democracy is crumbling and how to fix it

Esther Bailey: The quiet achievement of public service

The local community driving progress, with Mayor of Fremantle Dr Brad Pettitt

Where we’re winning the climate war, with Peter Newman

Thinking way outside the box, with Sally Dominguez

The lowdown on GRESB, with Ruben Langbroek and guest interviewer, Craig Roussac
Architects as climate activists, with Caroline Pidcock
The big ideas behind our biggest cities, with Arup’s Dr Tim Williams
Solar, wind and beyond, with Piers Grove from EnergyLab

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